Sunday, 23 February 2014

Jersey Dress

Finally, a Sunday to get my teeth into Project #2!
It's been a really productive day, and I've got quite a lot done considering I didn't sit down until 2:00 to start this!

I started by taken measurements of my Mum's favourite jersey dress to get an idea of size & shape, and then drafted the medium sized basic jersey blocks from 'Winifred Aldridge's Metric Pattern Cutting for Womenswear', i.e The Bible! Fashion students will tell you that Winifred's books are the bible, because as far as I know they are the standard books used in colleges & university's all over the country to teach students how to pattern cut. I'm sure there are many other amazing books that do the same job (perhaps some are better!) but this book is where I learnt from and I always refer back to it whenever I am pattern cutting. I've also added to my collection with the mens & children's wear pattern cutting books as well!

So once the blocks were finished it was onto making the actual pattern for my dress. This means, putting the specific style details such as seams, necklines, skirts, tucks, pleats etc onto the basic template (block) to get the pieces to the right shapes for my dress. As this is a pretty simple design, it didn't take long. The main task was slashing & spreading (opening out) the skirt to make it big enough to gather into the waist & then copying it off again. 

Also, in a bid to make myself more professional I have created my own design sheets to stick onto the envelopes I store my patterns in. This is something I've taken from my work, as you can see straight away the design of the garment, any items you need to make it, measurements and any other details. I'm sticking to 'flat' sketches for these (not on a body), so you can see the details more clearly. Hopefully, this will make it easier to find things instead of rummaging through my boxes of patterns trying to remember what the 'Brown Jacket' or 'Denim Shorts' actually look like!

The only thing left for today is to cut out the toile so it's ready for sewing tomorrow night. Then I can make any pattern changes before starting the actual dress on Wednesday. All in all a pretty productive day - fingers crossed it comes out alright!

Em x

Monday, 17 February 2014

BAFTAs 2014 - Best Costume Design

So last night was of course the 2014 BAFTA Awards, and despite the big categories of Best Film, Leading Actor/Actress etc, there's only one category that I ALWAYS look out for; and that is of course 'Best Costume Design'

So the nominees for this year's category were...
Catherine Martin - The Great Gatsby
Michael Wilkinson - American Hustle
Ellen Mirojnick - Behind the Candelabra
Michael O'Connor - The Invisible Woman
Daniel Orlandi - Saving Mr Banks

Now I admit that I haven't seen 'Behind the Candelabra' or 'The Invisible Woman', but for me there was only one obvious winner...


Catherine Martin won this year's BAFTA for her stunning costume design on 'The Great Gatsby'

Of course, it was Gatsby, it had to be!

The film is beautiful from start to finish, and not just the party scenes, which are of course stunning.
But the suits, and the daywear costumes are amazing too. The whole film is a feast for the eyes!

'Amercian Hustle' was fantastically costumed too, with such strong styling for each character running throughout the entire film. But who could really compete with the lavish details of the roaring twenties?!

To work on a film like that would be a costumier's dream come true!

Take a look at the links below for coverage on this years BAFTA's & The Great Gatsby. 
Who do you think should've won?!

Em x

Friday, 7 February 2014

Clothes on Film - The Italian Job

So, a quiet Friday night in leads to the inevitable browse of the internet. Luckily, through years of procrastination, boredom & time wasting (otherwise known as 'The University Years'!), I have a list of various websites & blogs to keep my interest up and stave off more important activities!

One of my favourites on this list (and it's a long one!) is 'Clothes on Film'.
This is a great site, looking to explore costumes and identity in film & tv. It covers a huge range of tv & films; from 'The Great Gatsby' to 'The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo' and everything in between. As a huge costume lover, I really enjoy reading the articles on here, and I think it really shows the thought process that goes into putting together costumes for film/tv.

So, the article thought caught my interest tonight covered the costumes Michael Caine wore in the 1969 cult film 'The Italian Job'

This is such an iconic film, and there are some great shots of it in this article. The article itself makes for a really good read, with some interesting details & insights. I even went on to read editor Chris Laverty's article on Mr Porter entitled 'Michael Caine. Style Icon'

So, indulge your inner (or outer!) costume geek and have a look!
Part one of 'The Italian Job' article is up now, look out for part two and have a browse round the site for some other great articles.

Happy reading!

Em x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Beaded Shirts & Chunky Knits

So, Sunday has proved to be both lazy and productive, which I think are the best Sundays of them all! A quick tea & a cacthup with a friend turned into a shopping trip, and before I knew it the last of my Christmas shopping vouchers had been spent on some lovely things! 

(The productive part has come this evening after the lazy morning & shopping afternoon!)

Now despite working in the fashion industry I'm not one for particularly buying into the latest trends and styles that make their way into stores - for example, I only bought my first pair of Jeggings a month ago! - I tend to browse the stores and look for pieces I think have something "interesting" about them. Which is why I came away with these two things from River Island.

Printed Chiffon T-Shirt with Bead & Sequin Detail

I picked this up on the off chance after having a quick flick through the 'Last Chance to buy' rail, and didn't think the t-shirt shape would suit me at all... I was pleasently surprised! I love the bead detailing on the front and that the fabric is just the right amount of sheer! I would definately wear this on a night out, or with jeans & a cami underneath for daytime

Tomato Red Chunky Knit Cardigan 

It was the bright colour that made me pick this up first, then a closer look showed the different types of knit in this cardi. It also has raglan sleeves, making it nice & slouchy - perfect for keeping warm in this horrible weather!

And surprisingly the two look great worn together!
I tried them on in store with a pair of black wet look leggings and knee high riding boots.
River Island is one of my favourite places to shop, they seem to explore a variety of textures, prints and details in their collections, which I don't see other high street stores doing so well.

Have a look at their website and see what you think -
If there are other shops people want to recommend, then let me know!

Em x