Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I am a HUGE fan of The Lord of The Rings & The Hobbit. I've read the books numberous times over (so much so that the covers and pages are all crumpled and creased!) & watched the films more times than I care to admit.

Now I'm not at the level of one of those Elvish speaking & writing fans (yes, they exist!) but they truely are some of my favourite books and films. I love the indepth detail in the stories, the characters, the mythology and of the costume design in the films. I remember feeling completely amazed by this world in front of me when I went to see The Lord of The Rings films at the cinema when they first came out, especially at the costumes and the way every detail of them had been put together. The numerous 'Best Costume' awards given to Nglia Dickson & Richard Taylor were well deserved!

So, this week I went to the cinema with my family for the last film in Middle Earth (sob!), The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies. Although I don't think it was the strongest of The Hobbit films, I still enjoyed it.

I've been trying to collect together images of some of the costumes from the films, but obviously they don't show as much detail as you can see in the film. I've shared some below from The Hobbit official website, where you can crop a backdrop to make your own images.There are some amazing high-res images on the official website that are definately worth a look at. You can see some of the costumes in more detail, so click here to see them: http://www.thehobbit.com/gallery.php 






This was possibly my favourite costume in the whole film. Thranduil's cloak in the scenes leading up to the final battle. It was a gorgeous silver colour you can't really see here and looked like it was made out of very fine metal.

Take a look at my Pinterest board for some gorgeous costume pictures from the franchise.
I'll keep updating it with more images I come across.

Also check out The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies on IMDb

I personally find these films visually stunning and I'm kind of sad that the films have come to an end!
I'd have loved to have worked on these films, it's something of a lifelong ambition to be part of something like this. 

Who knows... maybe one day?!

Em x

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Siam Costumes

Oh man am I excited about this!

I had to share with you this link from Siam Costumes.

This came up via my LinkedIn, and is a brilliant costume reference tool covering the past 2000 years.

So many different fashion plates to browse through, this could get seriously addictive!
There are also pattern cutting guides. As far as I can see everything seems to be in pdf format.

I actaully just want to go through and print everything off!


Yeah I know!

Em x

Monday, 15 December 2014

Polar Bears at Forever 21

In the grand scheme of shopping and shopaholics, I don't think I shop that much.

Don't get me wrong, I do my fair share. But I am by no means a shopping addict.
I tend to buy a few pieces here and there, nearly always on offer or in the sale, because as well as LOVING a bargain (!) I've found that working in the fashion industry and having a rough idea how much garments cost to produce, and how they are made makes it much harder to part with the cash!

That being said, the British high street has some great (and not so great!) stores with lovely products so sometimes I just can't resist! And I think I've found a new brand to start shopping at.


Although the name is familiar, I had never set foot into a Forever21 store until September this year when doing marketplace trend research for my job. I was very impressed with their range of products and cute styling. I think of them as part H&M, part New Look.

I ordered some really cute stuff from there and it arrived the other day.
I can't tell you what some of it was as they were Christmas presents! Sorry!

But I can tell you I absolutely LOVE my new jumper!

I bought this striped polar bear jumper.

Image: Forever21

The quality is actually pretty good, and it's lovely and warm. 

It's first outing was with black jeans and a white shirt underneath for work. Works well as smart casual. For it's second outing I paired it with black jeans (wardrobe staple!) and a long pink vest top showing underneath. I will definately be wearing this with everything! 

I don't have any outfit photos I'm afraid, maybe I'll start doing them whenever I have a new fashion buy like this... Hhmmm...

Going by my first purchase from Forever21 I would say it's definately worth going onto the website or into one or their stores to have a look at their products for yourself. Affordable, decent quality clothing I will definately look to purchase from again. 

Em x

Buy the polar bear jumper here:

Take a look at Forever21 here:

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Onto the next one!

Now my wedding tie project is out the way, I am already thinking about the next projects I'll be undertaking. I have so many things I want to design and make, some ideas have been in the pipeline for so long (years in some cases!) it's hard to imagine when I will ever get around to starting them. 
But my next project is actually a request from my lovely Mum, and I love making things for her!
I'll be stepping away from fashion and costume and taking a step towards interior design!

Oohh! How intriguing I hear you cry?!

Well, not really...

Basically, our conservatory furniture needs recovering!

The fabric is beginning to look old & tired, there are marks on some of the covers and most of the piping on the back of the sofa cover has been eaten by my ever hungry rabbit! 

(Yes, I have a rabbit... She lives indoors and her cute little face takes up far too many photos on my phone!
 But I digress...)

I've already made the patterns, the fabric has been bought, and the zips arrived yesterday so the only thing to do is get to it! This is the fabric - we ended up going for the darker blue colour.

Luckily, I have quite a long break for Christmas so hopefully I can get this done while I'm off work, but with Christmas being such a busy time who knows?!

Also in the pipeline are two projects, again for my Mum.

These Burda patterns were on sale from the website we ordered the zips for the sofa covers from, so Mum picked them up. 

2933 is a simple dress with short & long options. This will be great for summer!

7798 has a dress & two blouse options.
Again will be great for summer. But depending on fabric the tops could be worn all year through

I should have fabric I could use for these in my (ever growing) fabric stash in the loft. So, hopefully my Mum will see something that takes her fancy and she can have some lovely new handmade items for her wardrobe.

I do find it hard to make time to do these projects. I love to design, sew and pattern cut, I want to do it all day every day! But unfortunately, life gets in the way and projects get pushed to the side. My new years resolution this year was to undertake a new creative project each month and document it on this blog. And, well, I failed miserably! Hopefully the new year will bring about more opportunities for creativity, and I can make more time for all those little ideas that haven't quite made it to fruition yet. 

Em x

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Wedding Ties

I was asked a while ago by a friend of mine if I would make the ties & pockets squares for her wedding. Feeling very flattered at being asked, I of course said yes! So I set about my task making three ties and three pocket squares for the groom & his best men.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but places to buy fabric where I live are scarce. My local market is a good place to head for basic fabrics such as printed cottons & satins and also haberdashery items, but luckily my little old faithful shop in the next town had a few fabrics that would fit in with my friend's colour scheme, meaning I didn't have to jump on the next train to London!

I took cuttings of five fabrics to present as options for the ties, and in the end we went for a Satin-Backed Dupion in this beautiful blue colour. This is such a gorgeous fabric, catches the light well without being too shiney, has a subtle texture to it and is easy to work with (although it can fray quite a lot if you're not careful!)   

I've made ties quite a few times, so they didn't take me long to make at all. I set myself the task of cutting the ties out once I'd got home after work so I could sit down one Saturday and plough through the actual making of them!

Thankfully no disasters occured and I'm so happy with the finished products!

This is such a beautiful fabric, I love that dupion fabrics have these imperfections (slubs) running through them, these are caused by varying the tightness of the twist of the yarn a different points. It gives a lovely subtle texture which makes the fabric more interesting.

I still haven't invested in a new camera, but luckily my Mum kindly loans me her fancy camera so I can get some decent pictures! I always find photographing my projects is a bit of a mission and very much a 'Blue Peter' operation! Normally involving me pinning or draping fabric about various items of furniture whilst trying to figure out what all the buttons on the camera do!

I think the photos came out brilliantly and the ties look very dapper & professional... 

...even if I do say so myself!

The wedding isn't until next year, but I can't wait to see the boys all dressed up in these!

...And to see my friends get married of course!

Em x

Monday, 1 December 2014

Disney Days

So, it's December already. Can't believe it!
I had a pretty productive weekend doing lots of sewing, (update on that soon) but also feeling pretty run down & tired, with a cold hitting me today not feeling so hot!

Whenever I'm ill or am feeling down I revert to my 9 year-old self and stick on a Disney film. I don't know what it is about them, maybe just because they remind me of being a kid, but they always make me feel better. I recently got given a few Disney movies so I will be working my way through them whenever I need too!

A lunchtime pinterest browse (for something completely different!) came up with this beautiful Lady & The Tramp number.

It's so cute! 
Love the colour and the heart details.
It looks like a circle skirt, so would probably swish about all Disney princess-like when you wore it too! Haha.

There always seems to be Disney products around on the high street. Particulary at the moment with Frozen being such a massive hit. There's loads of stuff about especially in Primark who have the Frozen license on all sort of things including tees & sleepwear, as well as an awesome Disney Villians tshirt which I loved.

I've created a pinterest board for some cool Disney related items I found.
Take a look!

Em x