Saturday, 20 February 2016

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Diamonds. So shiny & sparkly. So pretty!

And I'm lucky enough to have a whole length of them...

Well, diamantes actually. But who doesn't love a bit of fake sparkle?!

Things have been all go for me lately, especially as The Ginge & myself have thrown ourselves head first into flat hunting. I'm loving and hating* it in equal measure. I love being busy and having lots to do. But I hate feeling rushed all the time and losing out time for some creativity. (I know I have mentioned this before on the blog, so I won't bore you all with it again!). So I was pretty chuffed with myself for fitting in a lovely, quick little project last weekend

*hating is too strong a word really, But I do love being a bit dramatic sometimes!

 I was given this gold cami top from one of my BFF's Mum. Needless to say I was a bit confused to start with as it didn't look much like a top when I pulled it out the bag... more a cloth?! Or some other random rectangle of fabric! Turns out my friend's Mum had bought it on sale at Primark purely for cutting the straps off, and told my BFF "Do you think Em wants to do anything with this?!"

I'm a sucker for a metallic and always on the look out for new going out tops so I gratefully accepted.

Now you're probably thinking "That's all well & good Em, but WHAT ABOUT THE DIAMONDS?!".

Fear not my friends, this is where they come in to play!

As I've mentioned before I was lucky at my previous job to be allowed to have a pick of leftover/scrap fabric or trimmings that were no longer needed. So during a sort out I got my hands on this lovely length of diamante. I was never quite sure what to use them for but was pretty sure they'd come in handy one day, and I'm so glad I was right (Told you Mum!).

I decided to use the diamante length to make the straps on my new top. I put the top on & with a little help from my lovely assistant (Mum) measured the length the finished straps would be, I added 4cm on to the length of each strap, giving me 2cm at either end for fixing the straps to the top.

I would love to say I have a really professional, snazzy way of fixing the straps on this top, but it's definitely one of those d.i.y jobs. Out came my trusty glue gun and needle & thread!
There wasn't enough room inbetween the diamantes to stitch the cut end to the rest of the strap, so I settled for a bit of hot glue and stitching around the strap end to secure it.

I actually wore my brand new top out that night for dinner and I love it! The metallic of the top and the sparkle of the diamantes compliment each other really well, and I love how thin & delicate the straps are against my skin.

I wore the top with my favourite black skater skirt, opaque tights and my biker boots (Read about them here). For a bit of extra sparkle I paired it with my gorgeous vintage watch. I actually got it from a vintage fair for a tenner. Such a bargain! It's covered in diamante's and rhinestones and looks like a bracelet until you open it up to reveal the clock face. It's one of my best vintage fair buys and I always get complimented on it when I wear it.

-Top- Primark... with a bit of upcycling on my part!
-Skirt- BooHoo
-Tights- Primark
-Boots- Jones Bootmakers
-Ring- Charity Shop-Watch- Vintage Fair

The best thing about my new top? I didn't spend a penney!

So diamonds really are a girl's best friend! And, err... so's her BFF's Mum?!

Em x

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Coletterie - Wardrobe Architect: Week 12

Hello everyone!

Here were are again, getting through the last few parts of the Wardrobe Architect series.
Today's post is about accessories. Possibly my favourite part of fashion, and where my shopping money gets spent on most! So I've listed the accessories I think I need for my capsule wardrobe

Functional Accessories

Ballet Pumps: x1 Black/ x1 Neutral or Metallic
Converse: x1 Burgundy
Knee Length Boots: x1 Black
Ankle Boots: x1 Black
Heels: x1 Black/x1 Metallic

Mid Size Everyday: x1 Black
Clutch Bag: x1 Neutral or Metallic
Tote Bag: x1

Narrow Belts: x1 Black/x1 Metallic

Chunky Knit: x1

Leather Gloves: x1 Black
Mittens/Fingerless Gloves: x1 Burgundy

Opaque Tights: x167267326 Black (because I always ladder them!)

 Decorational Accessories

Classic Necklace: LOTS!!
Statement Necklaces: LOTS!!
Starement Rings: LOTS!!

I love my jewellery and have quite a lot of both classic & quirky statement pieces so I don't need to worry about this section... I've got it covered!

Pashmina Scarves: Various Colours

As above, I'm already sorted on this front as I have a few scarves I rotate between in metallic and jewel colours. I normally use them to tie an outfit together, and keep warm in our drizzly British weather!

To be completely honest with you, I really don't think I need to add anything to my wardrobe for this section. I feel like I have accessories covered! My scarves and jewellery are pretty versatile and I'm used to mix and matching them with my outfits across both summer and winter. I always have my eye out for new and interesting pieces, but with my personal circumstances about to change (i.e being a grown up and potentially buying a property!) perhaps it's time to make full use of everything I have instead of adding to my ever growing wardrobe!

Em x